Spy Gear

EDISON Cap Shotgun
Odd item from Crosman Arms.......
                                                                                                                                           RALSTON Sun Watch  1935

This 1930's "sun watch" is luminescent-so you can read it in the dark................................. 

Tom Mix Novelty telescope and whistle, 1950
Tom Mix TV! 1949
SKY KING'S Signalscope,1947
A 1949 cereal giveaway.
SKY KING Detecto Writer
If you thought a Red Ryder BB gun would raise Mum's ire,take a look at this "Man from U.N.C.L.E. gadget.To "see through walls" you had to first drill a small hole!!
An item to be subsequently seen in millions of home front doors as a security device.
Cloverbloom "99" Moving Pictures and Magic Viewer
The Gabby Hayes Movie Viewer-really works!
Jack Armstrong Magic Answer Box
Captain Marvel. Magic Picture. 1944
A C Gilbert Moovy Sho.
A really cool gadget from the roaring '20s.A short length of film bearing "stick" pictures of a person in four stages of a movement(eg running/jumping) is placed in front of a row of four torch bulbs.A primitive rotary switch causes the bulbs to light briefly and one after another. Causing an animated image to be projected on the provided screen. What a thrill,not a still!
Astor Cine Viser. 1935 9.5mm film viewer.
In 1876 the Mutual Novelty Manufacturing Co. marketed a nifty arrow shooter.
Much much later ,1955,came  the ARRO-PING!

 In 1997 Dean Fletcher kindly sent me a fascinating set of Crosman cards.What a neat idea!

Pocket Microscope by P A Permuta Plastics Ltd.,England 

Colonel Smith's  DISKO GUN of 1904!

An envelope to scare the postie! 

Old Water Pistol 

                                                                                                                                   Precision Rubber Band Gun,the RBG100.
                                                                                                                              Made by, A J Krajewski Mfg Co Inc. Rhodes Island.
An elastic band gun having a plurality of pivotally mounted releasers which are serially located from front to back on the stock. Each releaser is adapted to support the rear end of a stretched elastic band and upon actuation to release the band at a level above that of the tops of any forwardly located releasers. A spring action powered, manually cocked, escapement-type sequencing system responsive to actuation of the trigger works either semi-automatically or fully-automatically to free the releasers to discharge the bands. In another form, the bands are retained in notches, and scrapers controlled by the sequencing system free the bands from the notches to discharge them. A combination safety shield and sighting device is designed to capture rearwardly discharged elastic bands.
A semi-automatic rubber band gun endorsed by the world's most famous hunter!

The RGB 100 is capable of grouping rubber band strikes into a relatively small area and the maximum effective range is approximately 20 to 25 feet. Maximum range is 60 feet.

Popular Science 1964 

For you "Death Wish" kids.A 1950's 38mm calibre,Austin MAGIC Pistol.Powered by acetylene,it will shoot, a ping-pong ball- type missile 60ft-and a tongue of flame 8ft!!Forget about,"you'll shoot your eye out"-this baby will burn the house down! 

 BIG BANG CANNON Instructions



1942 "Be prepared!",says the masked stranger.

Sgt Preston Distance Finder 1954

1955 Quaker Oats promotion 


Gilbert Microscope Set,1938 

Little GIANT microscope from the 1950's 

1940's dexterity game 

Very non.PC capgun from 19th century. 

Beautiful,tactile,Rabaser Rubberband Gun from the 1980s. 


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