Shoots a ping-pong ball 50 feet and a tongue of flame 8 feet!Toy gun? Tough kids!

The EDISON cap-shotgun! Neat,eh?
Toy ZIP gun.

 A turn of the 19th Century Shooting Game. Hit the donkey in the middle and he kicks the groom!

 The Lyman Turnpike Toll Gun.Mid 1960s

Spokane Daily Chronicle, 23/January/1963
Circa 1891

 Daisy Projector Pistol   newspaper advert-December 25th 1940.

Daisy CINEMATIC Viewer Pistol .1940

 The "Bully Boy" pea shooting Pistol

 Vacuum-tipped Arrow Pistol  1891

 Spy gear? It actually lobs a wee BB out!

 Buck Rogers in the 21st Century!

A limited edition numbered atomic disintergrator pistol from "GO-HERO"!

 Eureka spring gun from France.Ring-trigger,shoots darts!

The advert is for a German EUREKA Dart Gun

 The Johnson Indoor Target Gun 1947

 LIFE Magazine, June 30th 1947,carried a promotional article about the new indoor target gun

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