The New Zealand connection............
1955 Catalogue

1948 HY-SCORE advert from Johnson Smith Novelty Catalogue 

1948 General Electric Advert-Hy-Score Grips 

Circa 1962 Catalogue
1967 Hy-Score binoculars
Popular Science June, 1947
Popular Science May,1948
Popular Science June 1949.
Popular Science,July 1950
Popular Science July 1951
Popular Science,January,1952
1966 Catalogue
1989-91 The British HY-SCORE
                                                                          The Hy-score Model 805 Pocket Air Pistol
Hy-score Model 805 Air Pistol advertised in POPULAR SCIENCE,Page 74,January,1952 issue

 From the 1950s-60s,a 6x scope to go on Hy-score labelled Dianas.

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