1978 GUNS & AMMO Magazine Belt Buckle.As worn by Mr C.Heston(not THIS one though!)

Grandad Palmer,on Salsibury Plain,1917 

1917,appointed.Note signature in top left corner!

End of conflict document. 

                                                                                     1946- Trev draws a bead with his trusty Diana 16.........

The Air-Gun as a Serious Weapon.
By H Marks, Secretary of the Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs.
The Sterling HR81 Air Rifle....the last of the solid Brit airguns?
The Sterling Armament Co. entered the air rifle market in 1982 with their revolutionary HR81 air rifle. Designed by Roy Hutchinson, Peter Hart and Peter Moon, It had  an under-lever action and unusual bolt action breech. It was produced and finished to a very high standard using traditional production methods and it shunned the use of plastics or synthetic parts. It was available only in .22 calibre.

The Gecado Model 45 Air Rifle 

Airgun Round-up 

Airguns in New Zealand 

A Fascination with Automation 

Shooting the Breeze 

Sporting Air Rifles in New Zealand 

A Visit to Young's Airgun Centre 

The Winstar 550,Cometa Indian and Baikel 654K Air Pistols 

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