1919 Benjamin Rifle Advert
The original home of the Benjamin Air Rifle and Mfg Co. was 611 N. Broadway which was the Leader Building. Torn down in 1942, there just aren't many pictures to be found. However, I finally found a postcard. And right there on the top of the building is "A. Wissler - Survey...." This is where all of the model C, E, F, G, 200, 600, 700, etc were made.  Dean T Fletcher.

Circa 1915

Courtesy Dean Fletcher

Shooter's Art, 1926

 1922 Advert

1958 Benjamin Model 160 BB repeater.
Top to Bottom,
Model E
Model G
Model 300
Model 600
Benjamin Model 3120 Air Rifle

1937 POPULAR SCIENCE advert.

 With a 1926 Benjamin Model F air rifle came,instructions,targets and a wonderful wee booklet called,"The Shooter's Art"!

The Benjamin marked holster is a rare find nowadays!

 Over the years,Benjamin supplied plenty of info' on airgun use and maintainance.In fact their instruction booklets were so thorough it was your own darned fault if you, "shot your eye out!"

 Air Rifle Inner Barrel Co. Advert from Sept.1937 Popular Mechanics Magazine.

Seen for sale at eBay.An early Benjamin air pistol fitted with a BB magazine.It certainly has the appearance and finish of an item prepared for sale to the public. It bears no Model number. Pre-dates the 1938 Model 150 Benjamin pistol.
Model 310 Single Shot BB shooter,1954
POPULAR SCIENCE, June 1935 The first mention of a Benjamin Air Pistol
POPULAR SCIENCE,October 1938 The dreaded "transitional" Benjamin Air Pistol is first advertised!
POPULAR SCIENCE Feb.1945.An advert signalling the arrival of the post-war "scissor-style" multi-stroke pneumatic Benjamin Air Pistol
MODERN MECHANIX December 1939. New Benjamin Air Rifles have a lever hand pump.




1938 Benjamin Catalogue 

Benjamin Rifles-Models 600,F and G 

                                                                                                                               The Benjamin Model 710 BB Super Repeater-1940-41


1928 Popular Mechanics Advert 


Benjamin Air Rifles,1988-from Racine.

 1944 Popular Mechanics advert.Very conservative!

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