The Milbro CUB Air Pistol 

Inside the Milbro 'CUB' squirt gun!

Milbro CUB ammo. 

Milbro's dinky "stand-up"targets. 

Milbro CUB Spinning Disc Target. 

 Pneuma-tir 500 Pistol.The French Connection. 

Millard Bros Ltd,1930 catalogue

                                                  Milbro Air Pistols

The Milbro CUB squeeze-bulb air pistol of 1948 

Milbro DIANA MkIV Air Pistols.Early gun on the right has a fixed rear-sight.1970's gun on the left has a micrometer rear-sight and hooded fore-sight. 

The early six-sided carton must have been a packer's nightmare. 

Later models are called Milbro G4 Air Pistols. 

Milbro COUGAR Air Pistol,complete with accessory wire-stock and 3x Milbro 'scope. 

 Diana G55 air rifle . 1964

MILBRO TYPHOON,circa 1949-courtesy Prof.John Griffiths
"A Diana by any other name.."  The Webley JUNIOR rifle made by Millard Bros. Ltd

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