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Sears,1973 Catalog.
Very rare Daisy Model 140 Defender BB gun. Daisy only produced the Model 140 for a few months in 1942, production was stopped because of the war. .Around 28,000 rifles made.
Daisy Advert 1904
Daisy Advert 1908
Wartime Daisy Catalogue
1907 Peck's Advert
1950s literature
Daisy Advert 1972
1908."The Diary of a Daisy Boy"
1915 Adverts
Daisy 1969 Advert
Daisy Model 400 Series,1973

                                                                                                                    A DAISY offering in 1961.The Indoor Skeet Shooting Set.

                                                                                                                                         DAISY Family Room Shootin' Set. circa 1961
The Daisy Targeteer Pistol,probably from the mid-1940s.



1906 Daisy Advert 

 1910 Daisy Advert

1928 Bulls Eye BB advert 

First Red Ryder comic - March 1939 issue.

 Daisy TARGETEER Adverts 1937

Red Ryder Arrowhead

Red Ryder Catalog 1940 


 Daisy Indoor Skeet Shooting Outfit. 1961-65

1952 Superboy Comic 

Daisy Model 26 1964-68.Then as Model 572 until 1972. 

1949 Daisy Advertisement 


The Daisy Paper Popper! 1956